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Emp/Fed War 2011
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 Post Posted: Tue Oct 04, 2011 4:38 am    Post subject:
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nest imp uni war we should have all starbase owners be people with no rank to worry abouy losing and from the outset post a note of mass surrender in the forum, have every body go imperial and spend the war raking in the money. Though foeing certain drug syndicates in the empire. Laugh out Loud I gess the union friending might pose a problem though
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 Post Posted: Sat Nov 12, 2011 8:17 pm    Post subject:
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Some DethCock Pilot wrote:

DethKlok politely requests an official statement from E.R.A. on the continous appearance of their members in current zones of conflict - Daaya, Ras Elased and Lahola. Most recently E.R.A. squads have been spotted and engaged in PE-06.

If E.R.A. is working with the Federation, we would like it publicly announced. If those are Union approved actions, we would also like it to be publicly announced.

DethKlok would also like to offer a clarification on the matter of Rockhopper's death in Ras Elased. DethKlok had stopped offensive ambushes, attacks and building destructions for the period of ceasefire. However we reserved the right to protect the sectors owned or conquered by us.

According to the Union-Empire treaty Imperial pilots are barred from PUC entry and the same stands for Union pilots in the PEC, unless permitted. Such permission had been granted to Union pilots who have temporarily joined our cause and applied to join Imperial war alliances.

Meanwhile select members of the Union have entered PEC to plant drones on our WHs, scan orbiting ships, attack our traders and scout our ambushes. These pilots have done this without any declaration of hostilities, announcement of official assistance to the Federation and while remaining in alliances representing the Union.

Some of the warring Federal alliances have not publicly announced a ceasefire.

Those were the circumstances that lead us to believe that defensive ambushes were necessary.

We do not desire a conflict with any Union alliances, however we would strongly advise Union leadership to remind its members of the conditions of the Empire-Union treaty and encourage Union pilots to remain clear of any war zones.

We look forward to E.R.A.'s response and hope that the recent appearance of their pilots in "hot" sectors is a mere coincidence.

Laugh out Loud

Terrible poster. He could at least use spellcheck.
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Edethex Rule of Angels Forum Index » World of Pardus » Emp/Fed War 2011
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